Christmas season in Big Bear

When you go out for a Christmas vacation in a sterling location, you do not forget to do some Christmas shopping. If you have ever been to Big Bear Lake during Christmas, then you must have stayed in the exotic Big Bear Mountain vacation and you must have attended the Christmas Boutique festival which is held every year at the time of Christmas. What is so special about Christmas boutique? Let us know how you can enjoy yourself in the Christmas boutique this year.

Shop and Have Fun in the Christmas Boutique

You might have been to Big Bear Lake at some point in your life. But, have you ever been to Big Bear Lake during Christmas? If not, then you should travel this year in the stellar vacation spot of Big Bear in Southern California in Christmas. The serene location of Big Bear Lake gets transformed into crowded place when Christmas festival draws close as several tourists come to visit this place during Christmas. Various Christmas activities take place in various parts of Big Bear Lake. Apart from the fun-filled Christmas activities and a homey ambiance in the Big Bear cabin retreat, the popular Christmas boutique attracts all tourists to enjoy the pleasures of shopping during the 34th Annual Mountain Christmas Boutique in Big Bear Convention Center.

  • Event Date & Timings
    Do you wish to partake in the sought-after Christmas boutique? You need to know that the largest shopping event of Big Bear will take place in the month of November 2018. Save the dates of the shopping event for 23rd and 24th November at the Convention Center from 10 am to 5 pm and be there in order to enjoy your maximum.
  • Get the Experience of the Best Holiday Shopping
    Christmas festival beckons everyone to dive in the festive mood. You become occupied in making a decorative Christmas tree, cooking Christmas delicacies, baking a yummy creamy cake and shopping Christmas gifts for your near and dear ones. If you are celebrating Christmas in Big Bear this year, then you should head out to the Christmas mountain boutique where you can shop the best handicraft items and many other aesthetic gifts.
  • A Place to Exhibit the Art and Craft Talents
    The Christmas boutique is well known for various art and craft exhibition. Countless artisans and craftsmen participate in the shopping event to exhibit their handcrafted items which are being purchased by the visitors who attend the Christmas boutique. The craftsmen display ornaments, clothes, beautifully designed hats, and Pick a jar of jam made by the vendors in the shopping event and you will relish the taste for a long time.
  • Items You Can Purchase As Your Gifts
    While staying in the Big Bear vacation home in Christmas occasion, you will get an opportunity to fulfill your shopping expectation in the Christmas boutique by purchasing beautiful pottery, intricate glass art pieces, creative paper design work, various attractive clothing items, finest jewelry and woodcraft pieces and exquisite paintings. You can also purchase various Christmas-related items such as handmade Santa and Christmas wreaths.
  • Dine and Make Merry
    You will find many food vendors who have displayed delicious delicacies in the precinct of the Christmas boutique. Do not miss out to taste the exotic dishes while you get entertained by Santa Clause. At the end of the event, head out to the luxurious cabins of the Big Bear property management to unwind in the tranquil ambiance of the cabin.

Reserve the tickets to Big Bear Lake as early as possible to enjoy the pleasures of Christmas boutique and leisure stay at the Big Bear cabin rental.