Snow in Big Bear

Big Bear is known for its ski resorts and hiking trails, and they are the best in Southern California! The city has more to offer, though, especially for those who do not have an interest in skiing. If you are in the area for the holiday season, staying at one of the Big Bear vacation home rentals, you might want to check out the following 5 winter activities for non-skiers in Big Bear that can be enjoyed at Big Bear Lake.

Zip Line Amusements
Feel the sensation of flying with the various zip line tours in Big Bear. This adventure high above the forest floor will give you extensive views of the snowy scenery below. Zip lining in Big Bear is a great activity for adventure seekers as it is full of features and tours that will satisfy one’s search for trill and excitement. All the gear you will need as well as all the instructions are provided on the tours.

Outdoor Activities at Magic Mountain
Winter magic indeed! All the winter activities you can think of can be found at Magic Mountain—tubing, sledding at Alpine Slide, go-kart, snow play, and an 18-hole miniature golf course! You can bring all your friends and have a wonderful time in the snow. If you are in Big Bear with your family, your children will have all the snow play they can get, from building large snowmen to sliding down an exciting slope.

Indoor Activities at Big Bear Funplex
If you want variety when it comes to the activities you enjoy during your holiday vacation, you can take a break from the snow for a while and visit the Big Bear Funplex, where you will find all kinds of enjoyable indoor activities such as skating, laser tag, miniature golf, and arcade games.

Helicopter Tours
Helicopter tours during the winter is a whole new sightseeing revelation for tourists who enjoy Big Bear’s scenery. The city helicopter tours offer an aerial view of the San Bernardino Mountains and the Big Bear area. It features views of the scenic countryside, landmarks, and many more.
Tubing in Snow


Food Adventures
If you are in one of your Big Bear vacation home rentals, adrenaline-filled activities are not the only adventure for non-skiers. Food trip is also an option when you are in Big Bear. With the village various restaurants offering different kinds of menus and authentic cuisines, your gastronomic conquest will definitely be sated.