Hike in Castle Rock

Castle Rock is an extremely beautiful place Big Bear Lake, with wonderful terrains and huge mountain ranges.  Hence, one of the best ways to experience the wonders of Castle Rock in Big Bear is by hiking. So whether walking an hour or trekking the whole day, Castle Rock is best appreciated out on the trails, because a hiking adventure is an excellent way of seeing the mountain and lake scenery.

However, a trailhead to Castle Rock is easy to find, just a short driving distance west of Big Bear Lake and Boulder Bay. The trail begins on the ѕоuth side of Big Bear Boulevard. The trickiest part of my dау wаѕ finding a parking spot. Numerous pullouts linе thе rоаdway, but on a sunny Sunday, most were full of visitors and hikers. Castle Rock has a well-maintained trail follows a natural streambed for seasonal mountain runoff. The weather has been dry, so thеrе wаѕn’t any water to be found, but I have hiked in rainier seasons, and the trickle is an added bonus to the experience.

It will take you up to 30 minutes to hike from the trailhead to the top where you can spend time exploring the many paths that circled the rock. However, on reaching Castle Rock, you be able climbed the boulders to the top. The spectacular views will enable you to see almost to the east end of Big Bear Lake. The colors of the view were vibrant: glassy blue lake, ringed with colorful homes and docked boats, surrounded by the greens of the forest. Breathtaking! This was the perfect place to stop, enjoy a snack, and take in the quiet beauty of Castle Rock.

From the top of the Castle Rock, you’ll see a small group of rock climbers using the face of Castle Rock as their playground. Castle Rock trail does not allow for a gradual warm-up; my calves and quadriceps felt the steep grade from the start. About halfway up the trail (0.5 miles), you come across a great spot where you can have a beautiful picnic.

You should also feel free to stop along the way at any of the many scenic overlooks and hiking trails to check out the canyons, petroglyphs, and colorful rocks. There is plenty to do and see for the avid nature lover. Hiking is huge in this neck of the woods (no pun intended). The mountains and lake provide the perfect backdrop to get out in the wilderness and explore the grandeur of the California forests. Additionally, the close proximity of the lake allows for visitors to combine a little hiking with their boating and mix in some camping to top it off.
Castle Rock Trail

From here the trail heads into the area where it is not as easy to follow. It is flat with lots of rocks, and there are a few signs but you basically just want to continue heading away from the road. You can actually see the top of the rock peaking over the trees from here which shows your destination and helps so you don’t get lost.

Conversely, Castle Rock a great spot to visit in Big Bear Lake, it is uphill enough to get your blood moving but easy enough that most everyone in the family should be able to do it (minus the scrambling). If you’re feeling tired after your trail hiking, there are Big Bear vacation rental that will help you to chill and relax after the exciting hike. There is an affordable cabin in Big Bear to choose from, get some drinks and refreshments and soak yourself in the spa is the great recommendation.

Thus, if you want to do some really extreme hiking in Southern California then head to the high altitude route of the Castle Rock in Big Bear Lake. There are several Big Bear vacation home rentals you can choose from to make you comfortable at night and after the hike. that will greatly enhance your hiking and you’ll feel like you’ve reached the top of the world.