You must be aware of the scenic beauties and mesmerizing views of the Big Bear Lake and mountains. But are you aware of the Big Bear Farmers Market event which is held on every Tuesday from July to September. It’s a great event which is held in Big Bear Convention Center and you must come here to buy fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the farm. Book a cabin for rent in big bear and enjoy the fresh fruit and vegetable which you will not get in any other place. So do not waste any more time and rush to the vacation rental management in Big Bear right now to catch up this grand event this year.

Insights of Big Bear Farmers Market

  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables: In your everyday life you buy fruits and vegetables from the market which remain in cold storage for a long time and lose their freshness. Big Bear Farmer’s Market is definitely the place to visit if you want to taste fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the farm. It is highly healthy for our body and you should definitely visit the place and attend the event if you want something different. You also have the option to buy unique handmade and craft items made by the local artisan which you will not get anywhere else.
  • Natural Farming Process: The fruits and vegetables brought in the market are cultivated in a completely natural way without the use of any chemicals or fertilizers. Thus the fruits and vegetables are highly tasty and totally fresh in nature. The fruits are ripened in the field completely in a natural process and they are brought to the market directly without any long distance shipping. The fruits and vegetables are totally fresh with no storage time or waiting period. Further, there is no application of gassing in order to speed up the process of ripening and thus all the items are completely fresh and pure. Head straight towards Big Bear and book a Big Bear cabin rental to experience this process of natural farming.
  • Market Timings & Other Information: The market started in July 1992 and now it has become a very popular event which is held each year from July to September every Tuesday. The market is organized in the Big Bear Lake Convention Center from 8:30 am in the morning to 1 pm in the afternoon and you should definitely visit the place to have an extraordinary buying experience of organic fruits and vegetables. All the items sold in the market are very high quality and it has very high set of standards for vendors who sell fruits and vegetables here. So do not give any second thoughts and visit the Big Bear Farmer’s Market right now as very few days are left for the market to end this year. For all your accommodation needs to trust none other than Big Bear property management to get the best-staying experience in Big Bear.

Thus to conclude we can say that Big Bear Farmer’s Market is a wonderful place to visit and get yourself indulge in buying fresh fruits and vegetables. You also get the option to buy great artistic work of arts and crafts from the local artisans made exclusively for you. So do not waste a single moment and head towards Big Bear Lake right now before its too late and the market closes down for this season and you will have to wait for one more year.