Big Bear Historical Museum

When you’re looking for some fascinating old-fashioned learning on your vacation this year, the Big Bear Valley historical museum is the best place to be because of the quaint and lovely town of Mountain View, nestled in heart of Big Bear is an attractive enclave teeming with big bear historical museums. However, 1982 was the year in which the Big Bear Historical Museum was first opened to the public.  This historical museum has it’s location at the Big Bear city just off of Greenway. The museum is said to be the most visible outcome of the hard-working volunteers of the Big Bear Valley Historical Society members, who have worked restlessly since the year 1971 with the aim of collecting, documenting and preserving Big Bears peculiar history for future generations. The Big Bear Historical Museum is steadily expanding as new artifacts are added on regular basis.

It took many years of hard work by the members of Big Bear Valley Historical Society to get the building installed on its foundation and a wrap around covered porch built. Nevertheless, the museum was dedicated on June 12, 1982, and opened to the public. Over the years the Big Bear Historical Museum has been used severally as a movie set serving as a part of Big Bear Rentals with the purpose of filming of the Channel -6 history show. Tim and Kim Sweet (the Big Bear Museum curators) as busy as their schedules at the museum were, they would still take the time to host this shows whenever they are needed. Tim Sweet passed away in March 2010, he is greatly missed by everyone even up till this day.

Big Bear Historical Museum is constantly expanding. New artifacts are being added on a regular basis. if you are interested in a unique personal experience into what Big Bear’s early years were all about, an actual visit to the museum in Big Bear City is a must.
Big Bear Historical Museum

  • The Big Bear Museum Survey Room

As you look around and glance at the Big Bear museum grounds, you will definitely notice the main museum building has been added onto and enlarged. The survey room is one of these additions. The survey room houses a collection of free smog motor vehicles that can get up to 30 miles per gallon on a bay of hay.

The Big Bear Historical Museum located at 800 – B green way drive in Big Bear, is an interesting place to discover the fascinating history of the town. The glimpse of life during the Wild West days and the Gold Rush will engage and entertain even the smallest member of your family in this Big Bear Getaway to the historical museum.  Travel back in time to the formation of Big Bear where when you pay a visit to the Big Bear valley historical museum or Eleanor Abbott museum. With the storied history rooted in America’s transition from the 1920 golden age to the great depression. The history of Big Bear comes to life at the informative and intriguing museum.

Also known as the Eleanor Abbott museum, the Big Bear historical museum has different varieties spread all over nine antique buildings all of which shows the evolution of Big Bear from a quaint alpine town to the charming mountain ski town in which countless visitors are welcome each session. Dedicated in name to the late leader of the Big Bear Valley Historical Society who served from 1976 to 1978, the buying of the property where the Eleanor Abbott Museum now resides was made possible by the efforts of Eleanor Abbott.

Conversely, Mountain View is the perfect places to book cabin rental in Big Bear because of their centralized location to all the wonderful activities waiting to be experienced in the area. Big Bear mountain retreat is the hub of all that defines the charm and treasures of Big Bear. The vacation rentals in Big Bear, offer many amenities that serve to enhance a fun-filled vacation. What are you waiting for? Experience firsthand history by stopping by Big Bear museum today!