Big Bear Hiking
Do you want to have fun and get in great shape at the same time? Would you like to create a better lifestyle while enjoying the great outdoors? Then hiking is certainly a terrific choice! People who hike regularly have better health, are less stressed, and are more energetic. 
At Big Bear Lake, you can enjoy a variety of hiking trails while breathing in the crisp clean air and taking in awesome, beautiful, scenery. Big Bear Lake offers many trails to choose from. They have short 1/2 mile trails, and trails that extend from all day to overnight camping. You’ll experience amazing views of the lake, towering pines, wild flowers, beautiful meadows, wildlife, and running creeks in the spring and summer. Big Bear Lake offers some of the very best hiking available in the Southern California. 

Here are four great tips for an exhilarating hiking experience in Big Bear Lake

Go with a group ~ One great way to become a good hiker is to join a group of hikers who are experienced. It is safe, fun, motivating and everything is already organized for you, so all you need to do is to show up.  This gives you the opportunity to hang out with a team of experienced hikers who have great insights about hiking. You’ll be able to enjoy learning from their experiences. You’ll make new friends and it’s a really fun way to learn more about the ins and outs of hiking, and the wildlife in the area.

 Hydrate Properly ~ It’s vitally important that you carry plenty of water on hikes. Drink about 1 liter of water every two hours. This is a basic rule of thumb and is a good estimate regardless of the climate.  Hydrating properly keeps you refreshed all throughout the day and helps you be more alert. Not bringing enough water can easily slow you down and cause serious health consequences. You can become dehydrated and that can cause disorientation and other serious problems. So always carry plenty of water when you’re going hiking.
Comfortable Hiking Footwear ~  Hiking boots that support your ankles can really be very helpful and can save you from injury. Don’t wear soft, flexible shoes that have thin soles. You want a shoe that is thick enough to avoid feeling the rocks under your feet. If your hiking in an area where there is water, it’s a good idea to choose footwear that can breathe easily and dry quickly after getting wet. When hiking in the mountains in Big Bear Lake, it’s wise to invest in a good pair of comfortable hiking boots.
 Layer, layer, layer ~  Master the art of layering your clothing. This can protect you from the cold, heat and moisture. Try different base layers, insulation layers or mid-layers until you find one that works well for you. You can also try thin layers as this give you control over temperature regulation. When hiking in Big Bear Lake it’s a good idea to carry a light windbreaker type jacket that folds up easily, just in case.Big Bear Hiking
Have a great weekend of fun and get in great shape too! Make plans this weekend for an amazing hiking experience at Big Bear Lake. Enjoy the beauty of mother nature and take your hiking skills to a whole new level. Remember to book your cabin for rent in Big Bear Lake early so you can get the perfect cabin that fits your needs. Try booking your vacation cabin with  They have wonderful cabins very close to great hiking trails. You can walk out your front door and be hiking in minutes! Most of their cabins also offer hot tubs which is wonderful for your feet and muscles after an exhilarating day of hiking on the trails of Big Bear Lake!