Big Bear Valley

The city is such a stressful place to live in. However, we really can’t leave it behind because of our work and other social responsibilities. When the stress becomes too much and you just have to go to a de-stressing getaway, Big Bear Lake in Southern California is one of the best vacation havens around.

Sure, you can just go to the nearest beach or resort, but those do not provide the nature-filled comfort that the mountains provide.  Below are just some of the reasons why Big Bear Lake is the vacation haven for you.

Exciting City with Wonderful Tourist Attractions
Big Bear Lake is a fascinating mix of nature-filled adventures and fun activities for tourists such as the Big Bear Alpine Zoo and Snow Summit, a skiing and snowboarding area. There are a lot of things to see even just in their downtown area, the really charming Pine Knot Village. If you are thinking of having a vacation, you can rent a cozy Big Bear cabin retreat in the area so that you won’t miss on all the tourist spots to discover.

Enchanting Natural Scenery
The great thing about Big Bear is you can always make that switch from discovering the city’s buildings and people to basking in its flora and fauna. There are all sorts of nature-inspired activities being offered in the city. From hiking to boating and fishing, you will definitely won’t get enough of nature’s magical effect.

Lovely Cabins
As mentioned earlier, your vacation on this mountain will be chill and super relaxing if you rent a cabin in Big Bear. There are even cabin rental near the lake if you want to get closer to the lake. Of course, you can choose smaller, cozier cabins if you are with a small group. However, there are also bigger cabins with three to six bedrooms—some even more—to accommodate you if ever you are on a vacation with your family or a close group of friends.

Relaxing Environment
Have you ever just gazed out the window, taken a deep breath of the fresh air, and thought, Ah, now this is how life should be—stress-free. If you live in a metropolis, then no, you probably haven’t. Perhaps you’ve never had that routine before, with the city streets full of busy cars and polluted air. However, your vacation in Big Bear will definitely bring you that relaxing comfort you’ve been craving for so long.