Big Bear Tarzan Boat

As summer sets in, your mind beckons you to spend some quality time with your friends, family and with nature. You look for several places over the internet which would be an apt holiday spot for you. The hot weather outside on summer days makes you look for a place where you can get a cold breeze and play with water. You must have taken your kids to water parks. How about spending your summer vacation in a floating water park in Big Bear Lake? Sounds interesting, right? The Big Bear Lake in the west coast opens up for kids and adults where you can have fun and quality time with your friends and family. The Big Bear Tarzan boat welcomes you all to have an adventurous time in the water. Alongside of relaxing in the suites of the Big Bear vacation retreat you get a chance to dive into the watersport activities in the Tarzan Boat of the Big Bear Lake. For more information related to Tarzan Boat, you can log on to

What Is The Tarzan Boat All About?

The Tarzan Boat it’s not an ordinary boat. You get to sail in the Tarzan boat while you play with water and have sterling views of the jungles as the boat sails around. The Tarzan boat is filled with adventures and fun. Take a dive from the Tarzan boat into the water to make a huge splash of water. The purpose of this floating water park is to provide the adventure seekers the jungle safari as well as a playful time in the water of Big Bear Lake. All tourists who want to indulge in the floating water park in the Tarzan boat are requested to get on to the jungle safari cruiser. It will begin its journey at the Marina Docks and take you to the Tarzan boat. The cruiser will be at your service at an interval of one hour in order to take you to the water park jungle gym.

Activities to Revel In

When you go for a vacation in the Big Bear Mountain retreat, you get to enjoy many fun-filled activities. The Tarzan boat caters you two types of dives in the water. A six-foot high platform and a 12-foot high platform are built on the Tarzan boat which helps you have a free fall down in the water of the lake. You can also swing over the lake with the help of a rope which adds more thrills to your adventure. In the warm days of summer, you can dive into the lake of the Water Park and experiment with the skills of your water dives. The views of pine forest and the mountains enhance the overall ambiance of the Tarzan boat adventure. After you had an adventurous day at Tarzan Boat, you can have a restful night in the cozy and peaceful ambiance of Big Bear vacation home rental suite.

Booking Details

All adventure enthusiasts can book the tickets on any day for Tarzan Boat adventure from May to September. You can enjoy the adventures of your maximum from 9 am to 5 pm. The walk-in price may vary as per the hour of the session. If you are coming to Big Bear Tarzan boat with a large number of people, then it is advisable to bring along 11-20 guests who can enjoy three-hour sessions. The boat can also occupy 21-30 people at a time which will help tourists enjoy four-hour sessions.

The Big Bear vacation home is all set to welcome its tourists with a supreme level of comforts and enjoyment. Get swayed by the beautiful memories of the floating water park theme in Tarzan boat.