Big Bear Boating

One of the most popular recreational activities during the summer months, boating at Big Bear Lake provides fun for both kids and adults. You will see all types of boats on the lake ranging from sailboats, hobie cats to fishing boats and luxury performance boats.

Boating will not only let you relax but will also give you a stunning view of Big Bear Lake and the surrounding area. Here’s what vacationers can expect when they hop on board a boat in Big Bear:
Boaters can sail around the lake and enjoy the lakefront homes from the water. They can also journey into the many coves, inlets and into the beautiful island called China Island, if the water is deep enough. Enchanting and privately owned, China Island aka Garstin Island is a favorite spot among tourists and locals.
 Don’t have a boat to cruise around the lake? Not to worry. There are many marinas in Big Bear Lake where you can rent a boat. If you are a boat owner, you can choose from public launch ramps operated by the Municipal Water District or MWD. These launch ramps are situated on both the north and south shores on the lake.
 Big Bear Boating
 For everyone’s safety, those who want to swim should go with a partner and be cautious especially in an unfamiliar water.  For trolling anglers, always make it a point to put up a white trolling flag to signal other boaters that they are trailing a line. 
During the summer season, the selection for aquatic fun at Big Bear is unlimited. So, take in the wonderful scenery and go boating around the lake. Stay in one of Big Bear’s luxury cabins or Big Bear home rentals and look up online for your reservations now. 
Let Big Bear Lake in California leave you and your family rejuvenated during the hot summer months!