Parasailing in Big Bear

Exciting Parasailing on Big Bear Lake

Have you ever wanted to go Parasailing? Have you considered putting it on your Bucket List? This is great news for you because that opportunity is closer than you may know! Yes, this summer Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino mountains in California offers Parasailing at the lake! You can soar high above Big…


Have You Experience Cycling In Big Bear Lake!?

Looking for a great place to challenge yourself with cycling? Big Bear Lake is the place to be! From riding options and  vacation cabin rentals to a panoramic view, Big Bear is definitely a wonderful place to go cycling. The great thing about Big Bear is that it offers a ride for everyone — from rookies…

Big Bear Hiking

Big Bear Lake Hiking Tips

Do you want to have fun and get in great shape at the same time? Would you like to create a better lifestyle while enjoying the great outdoors? Then hiking is certainly a terrific choice! People who hike regularly have better health, are less stressed, and are more energetic.  At Big Bear Lake, you can enjoy…

Exploring Big Bear lake

Exploring Nature in Big Bear Lake With Your Kids

When you go on an outdoor adventure with your kids, you teach them more about nature. From the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, to the magical sunset, there’s always something to learn from nature.They will learn valuable lessons while having a great time, and they will understand that all living things have a purpose. This…

Fishing in Big Bear

3 Ways to Catch More Fish in Big Bear Lake this Summer

Summer is the best time for fishing enthusiasts as the weather is perfect in Big Bear Lake. There’s more daylight and plenty of fish to catch. With this, it’s essential that you are prepared to effectively maximize your fishing time. Here are some of the things that you can do to improve your fishing results…

Big Bear Lake

Summer Activities in Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is a year-round travel destination in southern California that provides a variety of activities for families and friends. From picturesque mountain hikes, to exhilarating mountain biking, Big Bear has so many wonderful activities for the whole family. They also have friendly car shows, concerts and festivals.   Whether you go for a romantic…

Big Bear Zipline

Top 4 Kids Adventures in Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake might be just a 2-hour drive from Los Angeles but you’ll feel like you’d be away from the hustle and bustle of the city once you get there. Famous for being a year-round mountain destination,  there are various types of outdoor activities for kids to enjoy. As summer is just around the…

Tarzan Boat

Tarzan Boat in Big Bear Lake

This summer, a new floating jungle gym, the Tarzan Boat will make big waves in Big Bear Lake…. As summer is fast approaching, this unique boat is just what adventurers and vacationers can look forward to.  So what exactly is the Tarzan Boat and why is everybody stoked about this?   The Tarzan Boat is…


Great Summer Camping In Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake, California draws visitors and families from the greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas because it offers so many outdoor events, activities and wonderful campgrounds. It’s great for outdoor enthusiasts who love to experience a “real” camping adventure. If you’re more into the modern conveniences of a beautiful cabin with spas and…

Big Bear water sports

Fun and Exciting Watersports in Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is famous for amazing sunsets and wonderful tall pine trees that outline this beautiful mountain lake. The lake is one of the highlights of this awesome mountain resort town.   You will discover fun and exciting water sports in the Summertime including; pontoon boating, power boating, jet skiing, sailing, and fishing. Also…