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Looking for the best Big Bear property management company can be quite a daunting task. The real estate market often has many property management companies to choose from. There are often many similarities with the services being offered. So, how do you identify which property management company is the right one for you?

Here are factors important to consider when you are looking for a vacation home property management company. These factors will help you evaluate your decisions, especially in choosing the right company to work for you.

  • Terms of the Contract – A full-service vacation home property management contract typically lasts for one to two years long. Some companies charge fees and penalties if you end your contract early. On the other hand, there could be additional benefits if you renew your contract every year.  Look for a company who does not charge you to end the contract early since you may want to change companies if you’re not happy with their service. It’s important to learn all about the terms of the contract beforehand. This will establish the responsibilities of the company you choose and how they will handle any disputes if they should arise.
  • List of Services –  Before signing a contract, it’s important that you obtain a list of services and fees. This will tell you if the company can assist with strategic planning, property improvements, rent collection and managed preventative maintenance.  Ask if the price you are quoted is all-inclusive or if there are any additional fees.
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Sometimes what may look like a lower percentage price may actually be a higher monthly cost.  Many companies charge a lower percentage upfront monthly rate but, they charge extra fees for every visit they make to your property. They will often time charge high fees every time they go to your property. This includes doing small maintenance items like changing a light bulb or putting new batteries in your property smoke alarms. In many cases, companies may look like they will be a better choice because they have a lower rate. Actually, it may cost you a lot more in extra fees, leaving you with less monthly income. Knowing and understanding how much you’ll be paid up front and on a recurring basis will help you in making the best decision.

  • Access to the Management Team –The right property management company will give you different methods of contact so you can reach them in a timely manner. Pick out a company that utilizes the latest communication software as this easily permits direct communication with the management team. This will give you speedy access to the management whenever you have inquiries and concerns.   If you are able to get in touch with the team quickly and efficiently, then you can be confident that you are working with the right people. Be sure to choose a company that offers emergency services.
  • Experienced with Local Longevity – Look for a property management company that has been serving the community for some time. Working with a property management company that has an extensive background in the area where your property is located is very important. If they are a local company they will often times have good relations with many of the other local companies who can give you better prices on repairs and improvement costs you will incur. You will be more confident that your individual needs such as maintenance and repairs, home improvement, accounting, legal expertise, and emergency responses are met, and at a competitive price. A business with longevity in the local area has handled and solved plenty of issues and challenges specific to that area. This is definitely an important factor to consider when choosing the right property management company. When you choose a local experienced company, you can be confident that your property is in good hands with quality work, at a fair price.
  • Customer References and Testimonials –A reputable property management company can provide you with reviews, testimonials and customer references. Ask for customer reviews and testimonials. Also, ask if the company will provide you with names and numbers of some of their property owner clients you can call. Talking to other property owners who contract with the company can really give you a feel for how well this company will function on your behalf. Make a short list of the questions you would like to ask so you can quickly get the answers to the questions that are important to you. When you talk to a property owner who is currently using the companies services you can be assured that you are getting accurate information and not just marketing propaganda.
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Utilizing these factors will be a big help to you in choosing the right property management company to fit your individual needs.

If you are looking for a quality vacation rental property management company in Big Bear Lake, California, email us or call us at Big Bear Property Services. We will be happy to help you with all your  Big Bear vacation home management needs.