Crafts and Cranks Festival in Big Bear Lake

The 28th and 29th of July 2018 is the 4th Annual Snow Summit of Craft and Cranks Brew Festival in Big Bear. This Craft and Cranks Brew Festival is mainly for the mountain bikers and the craft brew aficionados. This festival is a fun-filled festival which is the best for the cycling lovers. There are a lot of activities involved in the snow summit with live music and carnival rides.

What does this include?

The best of the race of the mountain bike includes:

  • The California Enduro series
  • Champions of the California state cross county
  • The series finale of the Endurace 6
  • The series finale of the Snow Summit Downhill Series

This is a perfect weekend to enjoy with your friends and family. With the most people visiting the annual Snow Summit of Craft and Cranks Brew Festival, it is always great to book and have beforehand planning to get the best deals. One of the perfect places to spend the holidays in Big Bear is the Big Bear cabin retreat. This will give you the perfect relaxation along with a barbeque. There are many of the affordable cabins in Big Bear which you can choose from while visiting the summit. Moreover, the Big Bear cabin rentals are also a better option to choose from for your stay. You can stay in the comfortable cabins no matter how many of you are going together. The cabins are there with a single room or you can book an entire lodge for you.

This two-day event in Big Bear will be full of enjoyment along with a different celebration of craft beer, culture, exceptional road and mountain biking. All these activities are sure to get you relaxed, contended and energetic at the same time. Following the ride, you can also Tour Brewer ride from brewery to brewery. The festival itself includes plenty of craft beer to taste. You are sure to make memories to cherish for lifelong within the two days of Craft and Cranks Brew Festival. Entry is free for the racers however their family members need to purchase the passes for the festival. The registrations are open and not to forget, the prize money of $14,000.

What should you do to enjoy the most of Craft and Cranks Brew Festival?

  • Early Booking Is Must: Get the early bird booking for the two days enthusiastic and enjoyable festival for the Big Bear vacation retreat. Simply get the best deals for the festival and enjoy to the brink.
  • Brewer Ride: The Big Bear vacation rental can also be enjoyed by a great Brewer ride from brewery to brewery. Get the best rental with the best of the options for staying along with cabins and enjoying the loud music and barbeque.
  • Warm Clothes for Night: It is always better to carry a warm cloth with you so that it becomes more comfortable whenever required.
  • First Aid Kit: It is better to carry the basic first aids. Whilst enjoying the bike and the mountain bikers, it is always good to carry than to get hurt later.

Thus to conclude we can say that Craft and Cranks Brew Festival is a wonderful event full of fun, frolic and enjoyment which is sure to heighten your spirits and make your holidays special. You will be mesmerized with the natural beauty of Big Bear when you do mountain biking along the different trails. Moreover, the part beer festival along with live music and the fun-filled environment is sure to make your holiday worth remembering.