Big Bear Pirate Ship

Big Bear in California is famous round the year as a very popular tourist spot. Summer and winter activities, serene beauty and adventure sports make the place an excellent vacation spot for travelers and vacation lovers around the world. But are you aware of the mighty Pirate Ship in the Big Bear Lake? Do you know you can spend an excellent time with your family and friends cruising in the Pirate Ship in Big Bear Lake? Book a Big Bear home rental right now and experience a thrilling ride in the “Time Bandit”.

Exciting Details about the Pirate Ship

“Time Bandit” is the replica of Spanish Galleon and it was built in the late 70’s by a father and a son in their backyard. It was then used in the movie “Time Bandit” released in the year 1981. Later it was purchased by Ed & Kelly Kinsley and brought to Big Bear Lake to be used as a tour boat for the entertainment of the vacation lovers and tourist who comes here from around the world. The Pirate Ship was rebuilt completely with all new exciting features after the terrible storm in 2014 which sank the entire ship. The ship has been completely refurbished with all new features and has again started its journey in the Big Bear Lake. The ship cruises the lake 5 times in a day and will give you a thrilling experience of living the life of a pirate. You are sure to enjoy a lake cruise on this iconic ship with your family and friends. The Pirate Ship tour gives you an excellent view of the entire lake along with the history of the Big Bear movies stars from Elvis to Bugs Bunny. Do not waste any time further and get yourself a cabin for rent in Big Bear right now.
Big Bear Pirate Ship

Insights of the Pirate Ship Tour in Big Bear Lake

  • Keep Sailing Day In, Day Out: You will forget about the luxury of the affordable cabin in Big Bear Lake for the time being once you are on the cruise. Wallow in the grandeur of the seas by viewing the landscapes around you. The Pirate Ship will let you view the shimmering stars in the scintillating night sky while you are on board.
  • Enjoy To Your Maximum: The captains of the Pirate Ship have their own unique personality and will take you to the venturesome tours which will help you unveil a variety of known and unknown areas. You can indulge in the 90-minute tour which will be filled with entertainment. Your kids will surely be excited to see the Pirate on the cruise.
  • Book Your Private Pirate Ship: Do you wish to host a party on a cruise? Surprise your guests by hosting a party or an event on the cruise on a Pirate Ship which can accommodate around 25 people. The Pirate ship can be booked for a private party for $240 per hour.
  • Food and Drinks: Delight in the sumptuous meals offered on the cruise while you get the leisure of sipping chilled hard drinks served on board in the bar zone. Have a view of the beautiful sunset from the cruise as you are served with beer, wine or any other drink of your choice.

A 90 minutes tour in the Pirate Ship costs $22 for the adults and $14 for the kids. To know more about the cruise and about the departure hours of the cruise, you can either log in the website It will be a wonderful experience and you are sure to enjoy every bit of it. All the fun activities and enjoyment facilities are there in the Pirate Ship which is sure to make your tour very special. You kids will just love it as they experience the true journey in a Pirate ship. This tour will make your Big Bear mountain vacation a memorable and unforgettable vacation.