Big Bear Speedway

Big Bear Speedway is the best place to have your car racing desires fulfilled. Get your bags packed for the extraordinary experience of real-life racing and get yourself the long-awaited self-satisfaction. The Big Bear speedway is one of its kinds in the whole of Southern California. It will give you the perfect experience of thrilling car race and you are sure to enjoy every bit of it.

What Does The Big Bear Speedway Include?

Experience the thrill of real life racing in Big Bear Speedway. Experience racing in Sodi RT8 Karts in a track full of adventurous hairpin curves and S-curves. So what are you waiting for? Book a Big Bear vacation home rental right now. This mini race car has all the features loaded for the ultimate racing experience like the brakes are self-adjusting and hydraulic. It also has vacuum fuel pumps. This mini car used for the race has the perfect balance of speed and safety with four points for seat belts. It also has an extra remote control which can be used by the pit crew in any kind of emergency situation. So get ready with your family and friends to experience the thrill and enjoyment.

Insights of Big Bear Speedway:

  • Membership & Fees: You must have a membership in order to race in Big Bear speedway. Your membership will be valid for one year from the date of purchase and you can participate in the race as many times as you want by paying the fees. One race and a head sock are included as a part of your package when you enroll for a new membership for the first time. Isn’t it exciting? So grab a Big Bear home rental right now to enjoy the race to the fullest. A single kart will cost you $20 whereas a double cart can be hired for $25.
  • Age Requirements: You must be at least 14 years old in order to drive your own cart and at least 18 years to drive a double cart. In the case of the double cart, your passenger must be having a minimum age of 4 years or more.  
  • First Aid is Must: Safety should be the first priority in any sports activity. First Aid box should always be kept handy in case of an emergency situation. It is always good to carry the first aid box with you in case you need it while racing. All the emergency equipment is already available there but it is always better to carry your own.
  • Race Against Clock: In the race, a maximum of 11 cars are allowed at the same time. But all of them are not racing against one another. The cars are racing against the clock to reach the destination at the minimum time possible.

What to Expect In the Speedway?

Big Bear speedway is the best place to fulfill your desires of having a real-life car race. It has seventeen single karts and six of them are doubles which have two steering wheels and two brakes pedals. You can take a child along with you or you can also go with a trainer. Get ready, put on your racing clothes and energized yourself before stepping out from the cabin for rent in Big Bear. Get the feel of real racing not with the competitors but against time with the S-curves and hairpin U-Shaper bend along with the other eleven racing cars. Enjoy an excellent stay in Big Bear vacation home and get fully prepared for the car racing which you will always cherish in your whole life. So pack your bags for the ultimate racing experience at Big Bear Speedway.