Exploring Big Bear lake

When you go on an outdoor adventure with your kids, you teach them more about nature. From the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, to the magical sunset, there’s always something to learn from nature.They will learn valuable lessons while having a great time, and they will understand that all living things have a purpose. This adventure will enrich their experience and they will remember their vacation in Big Bear Lake for many years to come.

In order to encourage your child’s interest in nature and boost their imagination and compassion.

Go Hiking on one of the Many Big Bear Trails – Stroll mindfully among the trees. Teach your kids to explore with eyes wide open. Get binoculars and let them look closely at flowers, trees and birds. Sniff the pine trees and look at all the insects and creatures alive in the forest. Let them listen to the birds chirp and the bees buzzing around. It’s important that you go out without a specific agenda so you can explore with your kids to their heart’s content. Then when they’re ready to go back to your Big Bear vacation cabin, you can having wonderful discussions about your adventures in the mountains, and enjoy the rest of the day.

Stargazing – Bring a telescope on a clear night and look for different constellations. Kids will love gazing up at the skies and counting the stars. But, before heading out, check out some astronomy books so your kids will learn the different planets, galaxies and constellations. This information will help them know a thing or two about the different heavenly bodies.

Watch the Sunrise and Sunset – Sunrise and sunsets happen everyday yet most of us take them for granted. So, encourage your kids to rise early and take them outside to hear the birds call while the sun slowly rises up. You can also take some art materials along with you on your trip to Big Bear so you can let your kids draw what they see. The older ones can record the moment while the sun appears on the horizon. You can let them do the same thing during sunset while enjoying the changing hues of the sky. Big Bear Lake has the most amazing sunsets over the lake, they are breath taking!

When you vacation in Big Bear Lake, you can relish all the activities above with the entire family! Book your accommodation now for this summer and stay with Big Bear Property Services for your Big Bear home rentals. In this fast-paced world, bringing your family to Big Bear Lake will let you slow down, take in the great outdoor experience, and make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!