Hiking in Big Bear

Fall is that picture-perfect season when you just want to go out and spend quality time in nature with family and friends. When the streets are too crowded or autumn within the city’s mountains of concrete is not as magical as it used to, perhaps you need a new scenery.

Big Bear Lake, a peaceful haven nestled in Southern California, can be your scenic escape and, at the same time, your new go-to spot for enjoyable outdoor activities such as hiking (an extremely popular activity in Big Bear Valley) and camping. The place is even more enchanting in the fall, you can stay to one of the Big Bear cabin retreats in your getaway plans.

Explore the fiery golden charm of Big Bear during the autumn season with these activities that you can enjoy with family, with friends, or even on your own (to soul search or charge your body’s draining batteries).

Fall activities in Big Bear #1: Hiking
Hike the stunning and wonderful trails in the forest surrounding Big Bear. Surrounded by lush meadows and natural springs, Big Bear’s multiple trailheads are home to various species of flora.

Among the most popular trails in the Pacific Crest Trail. However, the other trails like the Woodland Interpretive Trail, Pine Knot Trail, the Town Trail, Cougar Crest Trail, Castle Rock Trail, Champion Lodgepole Trail, and the Skyline Trail are also amazing hiking trails that can provide different kinds and the vibes of hiking experience.

Fall activities in Big Bear #2: Chasing Picturesque Sceneries
Marvel at Big Bear’s magical foliage during autumn from up above! These trails do not just provide remarkable hiking experiences. They also lead you to different mountain peaks that offer fantastic views of Baldwin Lake, Mount San Gorgonio, Mojave Desert, and (of course), the Big Bear Lake.

When you explore the San Bernardino National Forest, you will find the Bertha Peak, Sugarloaf Mountain, Delamar, and Sugarlump—peaks that offer the mentioned picturesque sceneries.

Fall activities in Big Bear #3: Chilling with Nature
Bask in the tranquil and soul-healing appeal of nature. Make the most of the autumn vibe with these Big Bear favorites: the seven-mile Pine Knot Trail that leads you to Aspen Glen, a place where you can take great pictures; Castle Rock Trail, which offers beautiful fall colors juxtaposed with stunning rock formations; and the Big Bear Lake, which is the most popular attraction in the area with a gorgeous view.
Hiking in Big Bear

You can even go all the way and get Big Bear Lake cabin rentals to fully enjoy the changing views during the early morning, twilight, and evening.