Father's Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner! What better way to celebrate dad than to spend the week-end at Big Bear Lake! A weekend in Big Bear provides something for every dad! And everyone else in the family will have a great time too!

 This Father’s Day weekend, take your family to Big Bear and choose from a variety of activities. With warm days, cool evening temperatures and sunny skies, this celebration will surely be a memorable one! Take a cue from the activities below so you’re your dad will have a blast!

 Picnic. If rest and relaxation appeals to you, you can take a drive around Big Bear Lake, find a perfect spot, spread out a blanket, bring out some goodies from your picnic basket, and have a delightful picnic.  This is the perfect time for the whole family to slow down, converse and spend time together without the rest of life’s distractions getting in the way. A technology free day is the way to go so minimize using gadgets especially cell phones and tabs.

 Water Sports.  Got an appetite for fun? Big Bear has it all for you. From windsurfing, paddle boarding, pontoon boating, canoeing, kayaking, and water skiing, you will never run out of water sports. Marinas in Big Bear Lake are available from spring to summer and fall. You can easily rent a pontoon or smaller fishing boat, or bring your own and launch at one of Big Bears several launching marinas.
 Fishing. Considered as one of the finest fishing locations in all of Southern California, let your dad enjoy catching bass and trout in Big Bear Lake. Aside from bass and trout, there’s also an abundant supply of crappie, blue gill, sunfish, and catfish so you will never run out of fish to catch. There are plenty of locations in Big Bear where you can set up your day camp and fish, or rent a fishing boat to troll the lake.
With just a few days left before Father’s Day, now is the perfect time to plan your activities. Spend this wonderful time with your dad and let him unwind. Don’t forget to book your accommodation in advance and consider contacting Big Bear Property Services to choose from a variety of wonderful vacation cabin for rentals.
Dad works hard all  year so make this Father’s Day extra special for him! Big Bear Lake is the ideal place for that special Dad in your life!