Fishing in Big Bear
Fishing is truly an enjoyable and peaceful activity. This is a wonderful sport for the guys to get together and enjoy. It’s great for couples and families too! We love to go every chance we get and Big Bear Lake is an awesome place to go for great fishing.  In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the many reasons to go to Big Bear Lake for an awesome fishing experience!
Big bear Lake has many variety of fish such as: Rainbow Trout, Large Mouth, Small Mouth Bass, Blue Catfish, Carp and Black Crappie. Big Bear offers many local sporting goods stores that carry everything you’ll need to have a great time fishing. Big Bear even hosts annual fishing tournaments where you can win big cash prizes!
Some of the best fishing can be found at Stanfield Cut Off, Windy Point, Rock Wall, Meta Calf Bay, and by the Solar Observatory. You can fish from the shore or from your boat. You can rent a pontoon boat and enjoy the entire day and night, or you can just rent a small fishing boat at one of the several local marinas for the day.
What are you waiting for! Come, enjoy fishing in Big Bear Lake. Bring back your fresh catch of the day to grill on the barbecue at your Big Bear Lake cabin rental or pack your ice chest full and take home. Enjoy this fresh healthy meal.

Fishing relieves stress

You can’t beat fishing if you are looking for a peaceful afternoon. Imagine relaxing in your boat, hearing the calm lake water rippling to the soft breezes, and the faint rustle of the leaves. Surely, fishing is a tranquil way to enjoy the day.

Fishing gives you quality time with the people you love

Fishing is a wonderful hobby to share with your family and friends because it allows a lot of time for you to bond and experience quality time together.

Peace and solitude

Fishing is a great way to escape if you need time for solitude. You can ease your troubles,clear your mind and enjoy the peace it brings.


Fishing can be a moderate workout. The hike to your fishing spot or launching your boat can get you more active.

The Scenery

Many of us live in a fast-paced modern world where we spend the majority of our lives surrounded by buildings made of concrete and glass.  Big Bear vacation rentals give you the opportunity to be surrounded by nature, enjoy the outdoors, breathe in the fresh air, and appreciate the beautiful scenery that surrounds us.


Fish is an excellent source of lean protein and a wonderful addition to your healthy diet. This food is low in Sodium, It is a good source of Vitamin B-12, B-6,  Magnesium, Phosphorus, and a very good source of Protein, Niacin and SeleniumIf you fish you’ll save money too! Also, it’s a delightful feeling knowing you can catch your next meal.


The number one reason why we go fishing is because we enjoy it! Think about the excitement of your first catch, while taking it easy— beer in hand, engaging with nature, and having long bouts of relaxation are truly enough reasons why we should go out and fish.