Los Lonely Boys Big Bear Lake

Do you love the beat of “Texican Rock ‘n Roll”? If so, then get up close and personal to the Los Lonely Boys at The Cave in Big Bear Lake, California. The Cave is a new intimate haven for music lovers in Big Bear Lake. The Cave was built and designed for music enthusiasts to experience a bond with the performers. They feature many popular talented entertainers from around the country.

On May 19th you’ll have the opportunity to join in the excitement and witness the powerful Los Lonely Boys Trio. The Mexican-American Los Lonely Boys is composed of the Garza brothers – vocalist/guitarist Henry, bassist/vocalist Jojo and drummer/vocalist Ringo. They’re from San Angelo, Texas and tour around the country performing.

The Los Lonely Boys were into music at an early age under their father’s influence and management. When they entered their teens, they started developing their own unique musical style and stepped out from their father’s leadership. The three brothers formed an independent band making passionate music, experimenting with sounds, and singing songs that bring people together.

The Los Lonely Boys music is created from a combination of rock and roll, Texas blues, brown eyed soul, country, and Tejano. Wow! If you haven’t had a chance to hear this amazing music, now is the time!

Besides their awesome talent and creativity, their strong brotherly union is a major ingredient of their continuing success in the music industry.

So come to hear this wonderful music in the mountains in Big Bear Lake and experience the talented, Los Lonely Boys Trio… Make a weekend out of it!

Take this opportunity to create a wonderful fun filled weekend with your close friends or family. There is so much to do in Big Bear Lake in the awesome San Bernardino Mountains. You will find something there for everyone! It’s just a short drive from any location in southern California, and the weather is awesome this time of year!

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Come hear the music in the mountains and party with the energetic Los Lonely Boys! For more information about the event please visit www.bigbear.com