Big Jeep Off Road

There are many ways visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery in Big Bear Lake. From the tranquil lake, to the lush greenery, vacationers can experience all the wonderful views while having a much needed break. There are also plenty of activities to enjoy like biking, skiing, hiking, and kayaking.

If you want a more action-packed adventure, you can always go for off-road trail tours. This is a great way to experience the sights and sounds of the wilderness. You’ll get to enjoy the energy of riding in a four-wheel drive vehicle over a variety of terrains and in different weather conditions.
There are two types of off-road tours offered in Big Bear Lake.

They are as follows:
Big Bear Jeep Experience – With this jeep experience, you are in control of your off-road tours. You can plan out your route with a guide and drive the company’s jeep. There are options available: advanced off-roading, kid-friendly trips and intermediate off-roading. You can go to locations like Santa Ana River, Holcomb Valley, Lake Arrowhead, Cactus Flats, and Gold Mountain. Rates range from $150 per hour to $550 for a four-hour half day tour. The cost covers each jeep rented and you don’t need to pay for fuel or per person charges.

Big Bear Off-Road Adventures – The Off-road Adventures is available during all four seasons of the year. Vacationers will ride in a fully-convertible Pinzgauer vehicle and experience remote areas that are inaccessible by jeep. Other places to tour include: Balky Horse Canyon, Holcomb Valley, Rose Mine, Wild Horse Meadow, the Champion Lodgepole Pine, and Jacoby Gulch.
Big Bear Mountain

The next time you book your trip to Big Bear, don’t forget to include off-road tours on your adventure list. Stay at a wonderful Big Bear cabin rental, for reservations go to to reconnect with nature. Take your friends and family with you and go off the beaten path for an awesome vacation experience!