Boulder Bay Park

Situated  in the San Bernardino National Forest is the small town of Big Bear Lake, a peaceful retreat for vacationers and outdoor enthusiasts. Everyone will find plenty of opportunities for exploring this mountain resort, the lake and the town. The area is a four-season destination that offers lots of activities no matter what time of the year you visit.

Apart from the year-round activities, Big Bear also has parks and preserves that let vacationers enjoy a leisurely yet relaxed stroll. Here they are below:

  • The Stanfield Marsh Wildlife and Waterfowl Preserve – Beautiful and relaxing, the Preserve is at the corner of the Stanfield Cutoff and Big Bear Blvd. You will see a wooden gazebo and small parking area in which you can read informative posters of the wildlife in the area. When you are planning to visit the Preserve, you can go early morning or late afternoon. It is at this time when the waterfowl and fish are looking for food. In the area, you can see two boardwalks that are built over the water. From here, you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing walk, especially at sunset. Vacationers can marvel at the local wildlife and even play with the adorable ducks that are swimming in the water.
    Big Bear Lake
  • The Boulder Bay Park –  A much newer park that opened last 2010, this park is a few miles east of the Dam. It offers plenty of attractions and facilities which include restrooms, a dock for fishing and gazing at the view, and a huge bandstand. If you are interested in canoeing or kayaking, you can sail the waters along numerous islands made of boulders at the Bay. For those wanting to hang out and enjoy the park, the dock and picnic tables are perfect especially for families and big groups.
  • The Veterans Park –  A charming park just east of Pine Knot on Big Bear Blvd, the park serves as a memorial to the veterans and is a cooperative effort of the Big Bear Lake Rotary Club, First Mountain Bank, the City of Big Bear Lake, and the Veterans Alliance. The park, which opened last Sept 22, 2001, provides plenty of benches and a large bandstand where people can relax, reflect and enjoy the beautiful view.

Make yourself at home on the mountain and have the best vacation at Big Bear Lake.  Book your stay at any Big Bear vacation rentals and have a whole season of fun and relaxation. There really is no better year-round destination in Southern California than Big Bear!