Big Bear cabin rentals

Throughout our years watching movies, there are some memorable scenes that are so strikingly real-like that they seem to jump out the screen and bring us—the viewers—into their real reality.

If you love movies and have been dying to recreate some of the popular movie scenes while, at the same time, enjoy a nice and carefree vacation, there is no better way to do that than to rent a cabin in Big Bear and make home videos of your favorite cabin scenes from popular movies.

Cabin in the Woods (2012)
When talking about cabins in horror movies, Cabin in the Woods is one of the more unique ones in recent years. A group of friends can easily reenact the best scenes in the movie such as the cabin’s cellar and lake scenes. It’ll be a good idea to add some fake blood and learn a little bit of prosthetic makeup for the zombies and other creatures in their “stable.” This is a perfectly fun Halloween experience for friends.

Evil Dead (Film Series)
Throughout the years, Evil Dead has generated quite a cult following. Since its pilot movie in 1981, Evil Dead has had two sequels, side movies featuring the protagonist Ash Williams, video games, comic books, a reboot movie in 2013, and a TV series. Anyone who has seen the movies knows that all the action happens in a cabin. If you and your friends are fans too, reenacting scenes from this movie in your rented cabin will definitely make your vacation an eventful one.

The Parent Trap (1998)
Now, if you’re not into horror films, family comedies like The Parent Trap might be more to your liking. The Parent Trap is light, entertaining, and super funny. Roleplaying the characters of Hallie and Annie during their time at their camp’s isolation cabin can be super enjoyable for sisters or even best friends.
Big Bear cabin rentals

The Holiday (2006)
Okay, technically the house of Iris, Kate Winslet’s character in The Holiday, is a cottage, not a cabin. But fans of this well-loved romantic movie can still recreate scenes from that cute cottage by renting a cute cabin near Big Bear Lake as a substitute. Couples will have an awesome time recreating the lovely moments of Amanda and Graham, and singles will also love reenacting the very relatable outbursts of a broken-hearted Iris.

Although most movies with cabin settings are those from the horror genre, you can still insert some love stories and suspense in your mix of movie reenactments. It’s time to get some Big Bear cabin rentals, and start your fun video projects!