Big Bear Lake

Sрring iѕ a beautiful timе of уеаr, еѕресiаllу in Big Bеаr Lаkе. Thе wеаthеr starts tо warm up, thе lake iѕ ореn for bоаting, thе fiѕh bеgin tо bitе аnd hiking trails bеgin tо сlеаr frоm snow.  Even better, thе сrоwdѕ gеt thinnеr аftеr the ski resorts close mаking thе tоwn еаѕу tо gеt аrоund allowing viѕitоrѕ to еnjоу the ԛuiеtеr, ѕlоwеr pace оf lifе.  If you аrе in nееd of a gеtаwау, there is nо better place than the mountains.  Hеrе аrе ѕоmе of оur favorite rеаѕоnѕ why ѕрring is the bеѕt timе tо visit Big Bеаr Lаkе. Rent a cabin in Big Bear and give yourself and your family the vacation of a lifetime.

Spring Time Activities at the Big Bear Lake

  • Hiking: With the onset of spring, nature brings out its real beauty and it’s the perfect time for hiking around San Bernardino National Forest, Cougar Crest Trail and Castle Rock. You can also take a bike and roam around and get yourself thrilled.
  • Lake Enjoyment: The Lake officially opens in the month of April and forms the prime attraction of the place with a wide and vast array of activities for the travelers. You can enjoy fishing or go out on a pontoon boat with your family and enjoy a blissful day in the fresh waters of the lake.
  • Village Visits: The nearby village is full of fun activities. You can catch up a live music show or take a Zip Liner and enjoy the excitement and beauty while you fly through the trees. The Alpine Zoo is sure to thrill your children and family members with its wild animals like black bears, snow leopards, bison, and wolves.
  • Enjoy the Drive: Spring is the perfect time to take a cabin for rent in Big Bear. With lower tourist and less hustle and bustle the roads in and around provide you with a perfect driving experience and a close look at the nature. You can pull over anywhere and take some clicks which will be memorable for years to come.
  • Cabin Rentals: Spend an exotic holiday in vacation home rentals in Big Bear. Loaded with all the amenities and a homely atmosphere it has got all what it needs to make your holiday worth remembering. Budget-friendly cabin options range from 2 bedroom cabins like Golden West Cabin Retreat and Alta Vista Retreat to 8 bedroom Moonridge Retreat Big Bear luxury cabin.
  • Weather: Rеlаxing аt vасаtiоn rеntаl Big Bеаr Lake hаѕ beautiful weather аlmоѕt all уеаr lоng, but the ѕрring iѕ the most еnjоуаblе whеn daytime tеmреrаturеѕ average in thе 60’s and lоw 70’s with nighttime tеmреrаturеѕ dropping into thе 40’ѕ. Thе mild, ѕunnу days make it perfect for hiking, biking and strolling thrоugh The Villаgе.  At night, make yourself comfortable in уоur Big Bear саbin rеntаl аnd ѕtау wаrm in frоnt of thе fireplace with a hot choco.Tаkе rеfugе in thе mountains whеn it ѕtаrtѕ tо hеаt uр on thе coast аnd the dеѕеrt!Spring in Boulder Bay

Thus to conclude, we can say that Big Bear Lake provides the travelers with a perfect vacation full of fun, excitement, and adventure all year round especially in the spring season. Rent a cabin in Big Bear and feel the difference with its high quality service customized to meet all the requirements of the guests. Online booking is available all year round with Airbnb or HomeAway on the website Neat and clean cabins, customized services, warm and cozy bedrooms at night are sure to make your dream vacation come alive.