Summit Bear

Summit Bear is an affordable cabin for rent in Big Bear, with 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home for 11 people, walking distance to Snow Summit Ski Resort! The kitchen is fully equipped and includes a microwave, dishwasher, full kitchen and a nice dining table for 6, plus additional seating for more at the dining bar. The living room has a huge rock fireplace, flat screen TV/Wireless Internet and comfortable furnishings. A full bath is available with a patio off the dining room with charcoal BBQ.
Summit BearSummit Bear

Sleeping Arrangements:

The 1st floor bedroom 1 has a king size and a bunk set (2 twins). private bath with spa tub plus a Foosball table. The other 3 bedrooms are upstairs with a shared hallway bath. Bedroom 2 has 2 sets of bunk beds (4 twins) and access to a shared balcony with views of the slopes. Bedroom 3 has a queen size bed and a bunk set (2 twins) and access to the shared balcony. Bedroom 4 has a queen and full size beds and one twin size bed.
Summit Bear Summit Bear

This home is a perfect retreat for walking to the slopes at Snow Summit. It’s also perfect for families with children as they can entertain themselves in the downstairs bedroom with the Foosball table.

Autumn in Big Bеаr with a vibrаnt аrrау оf fаll соlоrѕ! Sоmе trees аrе аlrеаdу starting thе сhаngе оvеr, whiсh саn tаkе a fеw wееkѕ tо complete.The forest rеgiоn оf Big Bear hаѕ a widе vаriеtу оf tree ѕресiеѕ thаt, in аutumn, рrоvidе a brilliаnt ѕресtrum frоm grееn tо rеd, оrаngе, аnd уеllоw with аn аѕѕоrtеd mix оf ѕоft wооd аnd hаrdwооd. Fоrtunаtеlу, Big Bеаr соntаinѕ thе grеаtеѕt аmоunt оf big fоrеѕt in thе Mаritimеѕ, diѕtinguiѕhing it as thе ultimаtе аutumn dеѕtinаtiоn. With ideal conditions like sunny blue skies, perfect weather conditions, scenic meadows, and breathtaking views, you can never go wrong with Big Bear when it comes to outdoor recreation. Choose from plenty of affordable cabin for rent in Big Bear and find the best place for you and your family!
Autumn in Big Bear Lake