Valentines Day in Big Bear

Longing for a healthy relationship with the perfect lover for you? Wishing for a Valentine that will never let you down? Well whether your idea of a romantic Valentine is to cozy up in a cottage in front of a fire with chocolates and champagne, long sunset walks on a paradise lake, finding adventure amongst nature or being pampered at a luxury spa of Big Bear vacation rental will not only make your special someone feel loved, but will also make them feel desired. This is important because couples need to know that their partner still finds them attractive and desirable. Thus arranging sexy Valentine’s Day celebration in Big Bear will instill passion and excitement with your lover and you’ll be sure to have an enchanting, romantic and special Valentine Day with a lover who will adore you for many months to come.

Thus the landscape and historic buildings of Big Bear are among the most beautiful in California. Plan a romantic weekend in the mountains and spend Valentines Day in Big Bear cabin rentals!  Whether you are celebrating new love or years together, Big Bear Lake is a great place to make February 14th feel like your special day. Because the charming lakeside town perfectly blends pastel-colored buildings that spill down the mountain, winding streets, idyllic lake and breathtakingly blue waters, not to mention absolutely stunning sunsets. Big bear vacation rental or Big Bear cabins retreat is one of those destinations that were made to order for a romantic escape with a skyline that still looks like it did a century ago. While there is little else to do but browse the local markets and shops, eat, spend time on the lake and take in the views. Thus if you’re hoping to take romance a step further this Valentine’s Day, why not head off to Big Bear most romantic destinations? From exotic, faraway places to spots that are closer to home, you’re sure to find something perfect among these fantastic ideas. Here are tips for celebrating valentine day in a colorful way.

If you choose to spend this special day on the mountains in Big Bear, then you have made a good decision. For one, you and your loved one can camp on the spot surrounded by the mystical trees and plants of the mountains. You can always find a Big Bear Lake cabin rental, make a bonfire, and just soak into the loveliness of the surroundings. At night, while keeping warm by the fire, you two can share stories or just talk and enjoy Valentine’s Day sweets.

You can also choose to go hiking during the day. Surely there are hiking trails on mountains that tourists favor. So pack up your backpack, bring along some water for re-hydration, and Valentine’s Day sweets for you to enjoy, then you can start your hiking adventure with a loved one. While hiking, you can enjoy the sights, challenge yourselves with the trails and so forth. If you planning to stop calling her your girlfriend because you want to level up your relationship with her and you want to start calling her your wife. It’s great romantic place to kneel down one knee for your beloved girlfriend especially while you two watching the beautiful scenic sunset view.
Romantic Proposal in Big Bear

Ski and splurge
 Take a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh, hit the slopes, lace up some skates there’s no shortage of outdoor activities at the 1,300-acre Grand Big Bear Resort & Spa. The sprawling resort has put together several couples packages, including one for lovebirds with deep pockets, a couples massage and facials, dinner and Champagne brought to your room, and a souvenir in the form of a gold heart-shaped charm necklace.

Show her love is in bloom
 A recent survey showed that 75 percent of men have given flowers to their valentines in the past two years. Let a local florist help you put a different twist on this tradition. How about a heart-shaped wreath crafted out of pussy willow or a lovely anthurium plant with its heart-shaped petals? Of course, if you want roses, they’ve got ’em, along with tulips and other flowers they can combine in a custom bouquet.

Many couples choose to make the evening of Valentines Day date for dinner. This can be very romantic or rather disappointing depending on the venue. The truth is that valentines are one of the busiest times of the year for restaurants and many succumb to the temptations of providing a “special” (but very limited) menu and adding extra tables to accommodate more diners. Choose your restaurant carefully or celebrate a romantic dinner at your Big Bear vacation home rentals on some other evening and avoid the crowds. Of course, no restaurant can beat if you make an effort to cook dinner with her/ his favorite dish, prepare the table for two with her/him favorite wine while she/him relaxed and soak herself in the spa.

Valentines Dinner in Big Bear


Hence, there are just so much to do in the Big Bear. What is even greater is that you can invite friends to come along. They can bring their loved ones along too, and you can all make this a group Valentine’s Day getaway. With great adventure, fun, friends and Valentine’s Day sweets. So what are you waiting now! Go search Big Bear Property Services and book your vacation cabin in Big Bear now!