Hike in Castle Rock

The surrounding natural atmosphere of the Big Bear Valley, the beauty of the mountains and lots of outdoor and sporty activities are the reasons to attract tourists from around the world. The place is known mainly for its several popular hiking trails with adventure and fun. These trails spread over 100 miles which offer magnificent and spectacular views of the San Bernardino Mountains, Big Bear Lake, Big Bear vacation home and many more beautiful sights.

Let’s get familiar with top five hiking trails of Big Bear Lake amongst many.

Pine Knot Trail Total hiking area – 6.1 miles

This trail is popular amongst bikers or cyclists and of course hikers for its unique Big Bear Mountain retreat. The Pine Knot Trail is surrounding throughout the Big Bear Lake and the hikers love its lush green beauty and quiet atmosphere. While reaching the halfway of the trail, the lake will come into the frame gradually, and while reaching the end at Grand View Point, the San Bernardino Mountains welcomes the hikers with a breathtaking panoramic view. To have an experience of the track, an adventure pass from Discovery Center is necessary.

Castle Rock Trail Total hiking area – 2.7 miles

If anyone wants to have a short hike trip with an ultimate panoramic view of Big Bear Lake then Castle Rock Trail is a must on the list. Other trails of Big Bear Lake are mostly rising way or uphill, but the view from this trail is worth the effort. Hiking through some of the rock outcroppings and lofty pine forest, this trail is comfortable as there is almost no diligence of climbing or rising trail.

Grays Peak/Hanna Flats Trail Total hiking area – 6.9 miles

The northern side of the Big Bear Lake is surrounded by Grays Peak/Hanna Flats Trail with mesmerizing mountain and lake views. This is a quiet trail which leads to a loop towards the top of the Grays Peak. The first loop is Hanna Flats loop where the hikers can take a pause from the trek. This will come about two-thirds of the trail which is actually a mini rock named Hannah for mini rock climbing experience. Hannah Flats offers a restroom and a campground for ultimate fun during the trail.
Hiking trails in Big Bear Lake

Cougar Crest Trail Total hiking area – 5.4 miles

Cougar Crest Trail offers the utmost natural beauty during the spring season with its vast panoramic view, stunning rock formations and of course the wildflower fields. This is an adventure and fun adobe for the local trekkers who have come to enjoy the Big Bear Mountain vacation. At the end of the trail hikers can keep going for the Bertha Peak if they want to go beyond the Big Bear Lake. Hiking in winter with young family members is also a great experience which you will cherish for a long time. Hikers can book the service of Big Bear vacation home anytime they want for a wonderful and exotic vacation experience.

Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Total hiking area – 2,650 miles

One of the popular trails of Big Bear Lake, Pacific Crest Trail is known to be among the best trail experience on earth. This trail is stretched from Mexico to Canada to have the most of the natural beauties from both the countries. Start the trek from the end of Cougar Crest Trail where it intersects with Pacific Crest Trail and continue the journey. This historic trail gives the hikers the most significant views of the lake and the San Bernardino Mountains. So do not waste any more time and book your Big Bear cabin rental at once.