Fishing in Big Bear

Summer is the best time for fishing enthusiasts as the weather is perfect in Big Bear Lake. There’s more daylight and plenty of fish to catch. With this, it’s essential that you are prepared to effectively maximize your fishing time.

Here are some of the things that you can do to improve your fishing results and catch the “Big One” in Big Bear Lake!
A Spot Near the Grass and Weeds – Most fish like to stay closer to weedy and grassy areas to relax and recharge. Others like to go deeper especially in clear water, and a few are comfortable in dark water. So when you fish, find a spot near the edges of grass and weed beds so you can catch plenty of fish. The best time is late evening or early morning.
Noise and Vibrations – Use a spinner bait, clacking crank bait or a chatter bait. Doing so will make noise and will give you a chance to get a good catch.
Find Shade – The sun can be hot in mid summer and this is when the fish will find a cool place to relax. Most of the time, they will be under trees and other structures. You can often find them underneath docks, hang out in groups and waiting for a meal to come their way. Use a jig that you can easily get around the dock’s structure. Avoid anything that will damage the area and keep in mind to always retrieve a lure that has been snagged on a dock.
In any fishing situation, it’s important to be very patient so you can reap the rewards of your diligent work.
Also, the sun can be harsh in the mountains and you can get sunburned easily, so don’t forget to invest in lightweight fishing apparel and bring your sun block.
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