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Big Bear Property Services provides quality, dependable service to vacation rental property owners in Big Bear Lake. Our main focus… Keeping property expenses low and maximizing net rental income.

During our last 8 years of vacation rental property management in Big Bear Lake, Big Bear Property Services has uncovered what works best… and just as important, what doesn’t. We know the best way to rent Big Bear vacation homes and cabins while maintaining them in excellent condition. Our top priority is our property owners “Net Income” each year. This is always on our minds during every transaction, going above and beyond the competition.

Providing an excellent vacation property for so many great family vacations is a wonderful reward every week during our day to day operations. But, what really fuels our hard work ethic is hearing from our property owners and how happy they are with Big Bear Property Services!. How their property is in the best condition ever and how they are finally making money after so many years losing money with other companies. We care about our homeowners and the investment they make buying a vacation home in Beautiful Big Bear Lake! We focus on taking the stress out of managing their property and freeing them up to enjoy their family vacation home.

Our goals is not to be the largest company, but to be the best! … To offer our owners the best services, the best net investment returns on their  Big Bear vacation rental property, and the best business partner they could ask for in the vacation rental management industry!

Big Bear Property Services Takes Excellent care of your vacation home, we protect your Investment! Big Bear Property Services inspects your vacation home regularly for general maintenance. We schedule and manage the yearly requirements such as property inspections, snow clearing, parking restrictions, code violations and fire reduction land clearing required in Big Bear Lake.

Over time we have developed positive relations and support from the City of Big Bear Lake. Whether it’s registering a property, planning, building, and safety, protecting your home, or evicting a problem guest, the City Of Big Bear Lake local authorities, code and law enforcement, are always a pleasure to work with. Big Bear Lake authorities care about the homeowners and we work together to make sure their properties are protected.

When it snows, we shine… providing quality dependable snow plow/removal for our vacation homeowners and guests. We go the extra mile shoveling a clear path to the front door and around the spa. All our snow removal teams use snow melt and cinders to address any problem icy areas so guests have nice clear walkways.

When it comes to a guest special vacation request, we do what it takes to make it happen. We get the work done every time and ensure the guest has a clean, safe property for their special vacation time!

Over the years our contractor and vendor relations have really set us apart. Big Bear Lake is a seasonal resort and when the town is busy, dependable quality contractors are very busy. Not only does Big Bear Property Services have a licensed general contractor managing your home but, we also have close relations with the contractors and vendors needed to service your home quickly. When an important reservation is checking in, we have the resources to handle last minute issues that sometimes arise.

Fortunately, with Big Bear Property Services you never have to worry about coordinating contract work or property repairs. We always keep your property in tip-top shape, maintaining a clean, fully functioning, and accessible home for every incoming guest, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day!

We know property owners are concerned with damages that may occur when renting out their Big Bear vacation home. That is why we make it a priority to hold guests accountable for the property damages they cause. We know who caused these damages and when they occur because we always check your vacation home after every vacation rental!

At Big Bear Property Services we take our commitments to our property owners very seriously. We act as a knowledgeable, experienced partner in your business, as a “vacation rental homeowner”.

We have the best system in the industry to keep your home in excellent condition keeping maintenance costs low and net returns high. Over time properties left without proper maintenance can turn into a big expense for the homeowner. Also, another expense that some owners incur with other companies are countless, marked up property repair bills throughout the year. This won’t ever happen with Big Bear Property Services, we watch out for our property owners’ income statements and always keep their best interests in mind. By providing our own experienced maintenance team and not charging for small property upkeep items, you’ll see a real difference in your bottom line net income by the end of the year.

Call us at Big Bear Property Services so we can sit down and discuss how our vacation rental management company is different…and how that difference can give you more income and the peace of mind knowing your property is in the right hands!

 A quick look at what we do for vacation homeowners when you hire us to manage your vacation rental home.

The 1st thing we do is meet with you to review the work we will be doing for you and to discuss your specific goals for your vacation rental. We set up a clear plan of action to get your property off to the best start.

We discuss how to stage your vacation rental property to get the best rental results possible. ¬ We put together a plan based upon the homeowner’s goals for the property.

Some properties don’t need any improvements and that’s great! In this case, we can get started renting the property quickly.

When properties do need improvements: We make suggestions based on what is needed to bring the property to it’s full vacation rental potential. Then the owners make the decisions on what improvement they would like to make. Of course, that decision is totally up to the owners and we honor whatever they decide.

We have a licensed general contractor on staff who coordinates services that are needed at the request of the owners. Sometimes there is painting to be completed, a Spa to install or a game room to add. These improvements make a big difference on how often properties are rented and affect the net income to the owner.
Depending on what the property needs and the owner’s requests, Big Bear Property Service’s general contractor gets to work to create the best possible vacation rental property.

Our general contractor coordinates and monitors subcontractors needed for property improvements or repairs. Big Bear Property Services does not charge any extra fees for these general contractor management services. Big Bear Property Services’ goal is to create the highest rental income possible and keep property expenses LOW.

Hire The Very Best To Manage Your Property! Big Bear Property Management
Services has managed Big Bear cabins, homes, condos and duplexes since we opened our family business right here in Big Bear Lake.The Big Bear Property Services Team has years of experience in marketing and managing rental properties. We manage your investment property to minimize your risk and maximize your return. We understand that vacancies can be devastating to a property owner’s profitability. Our powerful marketing allows us to consistently outperform the rental market.

The Big Bear Property Services team
stays on the cutting edge of today’s technology. Skills and knowledge of the industry and the community are constantly upgraded to provide the most powerful and effective tools for marketing, renting and maintaining our clients’ real estate assets. Professional capabilities, honed with experience, effectively bring qualified tenants and owners together for business; or renters and owners together to satisfy their mutual interests.

Big Bear Property Services
Personal and business commitments are critical to happy customers. Nothing less than complete honesty and personal responsibility is acceptable from every member of the team. Integrity is a matter of character with this team!

Big Bear Property Management Services
Personalized service is the cornerstone of the Big Bear Property Services team. Each client is treated as an individual and is entitled to the time and effort it takes to get the job done right. Care is taken at each step in client transactions to assure that nothing is left to guess work. This instills client confidence that their transactions will be correct, complete, and timely. Many, many referrals from happy clients prove our service a winner!

We Do All This and More So You Don’t Have To Anymore:

Why Choose Big Bear Property Services?

There are multiple decisions and choices a new homeowner has to make regarding their investment property. Worrying over who you can trust to rent, manage and even clean your second home shouldn’t be one of them. At Big Bear Property Services, our team strives to not only care for your home with quality services, but we also want to maximize your profits so you remain happy with your investment and our care. We have been a property services provider since 2014 with rentals on Air B&B, VRBO as well as our main website. We have plans to keep growing! We see our guests and homeowners as equals, and we are proud of our positive reviews and the fast service we provide in the Big Bear Valley. We know your cabin means a lot to you.

If you are looking to make your second home in Big Bear a rental property, we can help you achieve that goal by accessing your home, sleeping arrangements, special amenities, and occupancy as well as abiding by city codes and standards. Every cabin can offer a unique experience to the right guest and our services will market the best of your property to optimize the greatest profit results. Our team is dedicated to making sure your rental home looks its best, stays clean and services are always better than expected including our dedication to spa cleanliness, fresh and inspected linens, repairs, and maintenance. Our dedicated team is available all four seasons and works around the clock to ensure each home is kept up to your standards.

Big Bear Property Services wants our new and seasoned owners to feel comfortable and understand that we wish to eliminate the fears sometimes associated with renting out your home because our company is different than others in the Big Bear community. We strive for quality, not quantity.

Here are some of the benefits you can come to expect when working with Big Bear Property Services:

Home Rental Services

Big Bear Property Services is proud to offer necessary services to keep your Big Bear vacation rental in the best condition possible. We can assist you with your reservation inquiries/bookings. We will respond quickly to every inquiry and negotiate for you.

It is well known that promptly responding to a rental request dramatically increases the probability of getting that particular guest rental. We promptly reply to all rental inquiries both by email and telephone makes listing and renting your property faster and more efficient than most company’s in our industry.

Big Bear Property Services is a recognized leader in the Big Bear property management and Big Bear Cabin Rentals. We’ve been in the Big Bear Property Management business for several years and have earned an excellent reputation based on our performance and integrity.

Snow removal from driveways and off-street parking areas is required to be performed prior to each occupancy period. We provide affordable quality snow removal service.

Services We Offer:cabin rentals big bear

  • Vacation Cabin Rentals.
  • Local Property Rentals
  • Air B&B Rentals
  • Home Away Rentals
  • Spa Service
  • Snow Removal
  • Property open and close services



  • Tenant calls us for all repair request’s
  • High-quality maintenance
  • Use of licensed and insured contractors
  • Timely response to repair requests


  • Detailed monthly statements are provided as well as receipts for all expense items.
  • Year-end 1099 statements for tax purposes.

Tenant Relationships;

  • Immediate Response to tenant concerns.
  • Quick response to repair requests.
  • Impeccable Guest Services.

Our Home Owners

We have a philosophy at “Big Bear Property Services” that we wish to share with any potential owners or buyers in the Big Bear Valley:  We believe you can rent your vacation home, fully enjoy the benefits of vacation home ownership, and eliminate the pains and problems often associated with vacation home rentals. We can provide you peace of mind knowing your property is receiving the best of care, and you are receiving the rental income you deserve. Our company is different and our team believes in happy experiences for everyone involved, us and you! We are here to make that happen.cabin rental big bear

Since you may have decided to purchase your second home here, we don’t have to tell you what a special place Big Bear Lake is along with the gorgeous seasons you can experience, Big Bear Lake is also deeply rooted in family and values far away from the grind of city life where you and potential guests can enjoy the perfect stay.

Please contact us at (800) 737-4176 with any question concerning our rental properties or if you wish to join our program and allow us to care for your special home.

Our services are affordable and there are no extra hidden charges. Our company is different, we believe vacation home ownership should be a happy fun experience, free from worry and problems. We are here to make that happen as well as maximize your income.

 Do you want to rent out your second home? Do you want to maximize your income? Call (800) 737-4176

to join or get some of your questions answered in regards to renting your Big Bear Lake property.

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