The 4th of July is the chosen date since it is the Independence Day of the United States. From the barge on the Big Bear Lake, the fireworks are shot and this spectacular view can be seen from any of the public parks. But the most popular spot is from the boats that are available on the big bear lake. It is simply one of the perfect times of the year where people come to relax and have fun during the holiday spent. With the bulging population for the event, beforehand planning is the main mantra to get a relaxed holiday.

Big Bear Lake is one of the perfect places to spend the holidays. It gives the best view and is the perfect place to relax with a barbeque and the sweet memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.  There are various affordable cabins in Big Bear to choose from. There is a single storey cabin which is situated close to the slopes at Bear Mountain. You can choose from the various Big Bear cabin rentals that are available at affordable prices. Treat yourself to the Big Bear Mountain vacation and enjoy the holidays to the brink.

Outdoor actives you will love to enjoy:

There are many of the outdoor actives to add on to your vacation. Along with the biggest fireworks in Big Bear Lake on 4th of July, you still get to enjoy the holidays with

  • Bike park on the mountains
  • Hiking miles and miles.
  • The nine-hole golf course
  • Scenic chair car
  • The ropeway

Few of the travel tips for 4th of July in Big Bear Lake:

  • Early booking: For the Big Bear vacation retreat, early booking and planning of the vacation rental is a must to get the best watching location for the fireworks and the fun. The Lakefront is the premier spot.
  • North Shore to be avoided: The North Shore has the breathtaking unobstructed view of the fireworks show, but a trip from the North Shore back to the cabin or the Big Bear vacation rental can be a hassle since it can take up-to one hour back to get to the other side of the lake. This surely can miss out the whole experience as the time will be killed more on the traveling But yes, you can obviously wait for the traffic to subside to return and till then hang out on the beach with your family and friends and get yourself relaxed.
  • Warm clothes are a must: Since the nights are chilly, especially near the waterside, a warm coat or a blanket is a must to make you feel comfortable and pleasant.
  • Grocery shopping: A planned list to get the groceries yourself for the meals to enjoy the barbeque is a must. And to avoid the last hour rush, better be on time and shop.

Thus to conclude we can say that Big Bear Lake is one of the finest place to enjoy and spend your vacation on 4th of July. You will have a great time full of fun and enjoyment with your family and friends and will cherish the memories of your vacation for years to come.