Tarzan Boat

This summer, a new floating jungle gym, the Tarzan Boat will make big waves in Big Bear Lake…. As summer is fast approaching, this unique boat is just what adventurers and vacationers can look forward to.  So what exactly is the Tarzan Boat and why is everybody stoked about this?


The Tarzan Boat is not your average boat. It is a diving platform for everyone to jump from and make huge splashes in Big Bear Lake. This floating water park is positioned 100 yards from Captain John’s Fawn Harbor and Marina near Fawnskin on the north shore. An electric jungle-safari cruiser will take guests from the marina docks every hour to the floating water park jungle gym, where the water depth is about 10 to 12 feet where the water Tarzan Boat is anchored.

So Much Fun!

  • Everyone can enjoy the six-foot-high platform called Monkey Jump and a 12-foot high platform called Gorilla Jump where people free fall into the lake.
  • With the Gorilla Bounce Trampolines, vacationers can launch as high as 20 feet above the surface of the water.
  • Accessed from the 12-foot platform, the Tarzan Swing is a rope swing that extends over the lake which lets you swing high above the water.
  • The adrenaline-pumping Jungle Water Slide shoots people out into the lake like a rocket!
  • Vacationers are not permitted to flip or dive headfirst.  However, cannonballs, 360-degree twists and jumping are allowed.
  • Kids who are 12 and under must be with a paying adult and need to pass a swim test.
  • Twelve to fourteen marina employees will be at the area and two lifeguards will be on the boat at all times.
  • Rates range from $25 per person for an hour, $40 for two hours, $50 for three hours to $60 for four hours.
  • Private groups of 11 to 20 people can enjoy the Tarzan boat for either two or three-hour sessions. Groups of 21 to 30 people can go for four-hour sessions. There are also party rental rates available.


Bask in the sunshine surrounded by pine-forested mountains and enjoy the warm days in Big Bear Lake! With Big Bear’s most awaited mini water park, you’ll have another  exciting activity to add to your long list of fun things to do in Big Bear Lake this summer!

The Tarzan Boat will definitely be one of the go-to hot-spots in Big Bear Lake and will offer fun, fun, fun in the water for couples, groups, families!

If you’re vacationing call Big Bear Property Services and make your reservations now to stay at one of the Big Bear Lake cabin rentals. You’ll have a fun filled vacation and the time of your life!