November 22, 2014

We had a very pleasant stay at Moonridge for a weekend retreat for a youth ministry group. The property itself is huge which allows for activities/recreational activities outside. Inside, the multiple living rooms and several bedrooms really allows for a big group. Additionally, many of the couches unfold into a bed so I believe if people are willing to share, bed space can accommodate at least 22. The bonus of the property for a retreat group would be the activity room behind the garage. This space was incredibly helpful for our big group and easily accommodated 25+ individuals. The 5 acre space also allowed for a lot of privacy. We were able to do many activities that involved music and noise with no noise complaints at all! My first point of feedback would be that the right side of the house was noticeably colder than the left and middle areas. We turned the heater on, but it wasn’t doing much. I think it would help if the main door on the right side that leads outside to the front of the property was fully sealed on the bottom because cold air easily drifted in throughout the night. Secondly, a few of the deadbolt locks were not working. I don’t know if the doors were not centered or what not, but we could get the deadbolt secured on a few doors, particularly the one from the small room in the middle of the house that leads to the back outside area. With that being said, we had a very pleasant experience, and the property as a whole comes highly recommended. Lewis was very easy to work with and the price was definitely right!