Golf Course in Big Bear

Needless to say that sport keeps a person happy. You must have been to several holiday destinations where you enjoyed the sightseeing. Some other vacation spots might have enthralled you with the splendid locations. But have you ever been to a holiday destination where you get a chance to play sports alongside of the enchanting views? Are you a golf enthusiast? How about indulging in golf sports in your vacation days? If you are craving to be in such a place, then you should straight away reserve a ticket and fly away to the Big Bear Lake in California. The Big Bear vacation retreat offers its tourists to play golf at the golf course and recline in the relaxing ambiance of the cabin room at the same time.

Head to Big Bear for a Golf Vacation

The Big Bear Lake is a wonderful location which opens the gate to all tourists-cum-sport lovers to play golf in the serene mountainous region. What better than to seek delight in the exciting golf sport amidst the lush greenery of the mountains. The fresh air and tall mountains which surround the Big Bear Lake make the captivating place perfect for playing golf. The icing on the cake is that you get the pleasure of relaxing in the coziest rooms of the affordable cabin in Big Bear.

  • Be A Spectator and A Player: Imagine you have come to the Big Bear Lake to have a relaxing time in the Big Bear cabin retreat. Whether you are an avid player of golf or you are an inexperienced player you are welcome to be a part of it and be a spectator of the golf sport event. Take pride in being a tourist at Big Bear Lake and play sportingly at the golf course of the Big Bear Mountain. At the Bear Mountain golf course you can learn golf from a pro golf player during your stay of your vacation.
  • Dive in the Magnificent Sport: The golf course is located in the Moonridge meadow area at the base of the Bear Mountain Resort. The stupefying sights of the mountains ameliorate the spirit of every golf player to play the sport with energy and enthusiasm. With nine holes in the golf course you can be sure to hit the highest shot with the high number of strokes. After spending the whole day in the golf course the rental cabin in Big Bear would welcome you with plush comforts to make your evening delightful.
  • Wine and Dine: Have a fulfilling day by gorging in the toothsome dishes dished out in the sport venue of the golf course. At various food counters you will be served with your choice of food items which will surely please your taste buds. There is a separate bar section where you can sip chilled drinks with other golfers.

At the end of the day stay inside the cozy room of the Big Bear vacation home to recuperate the toiling day you had been through at the golf course by wallowing in the luxurious comforts. Rush to book the tickets of the golf sport event right now. Thus, it can be said that the experience of playing golf in Big Bear is just really awesome. Playing Golf at 7,000 feet is something which you will remember for your lifetime whether you are an experience golfer or a newbie trying your hands on a Golf sport. So wait no further and head straight towards Big Bear Lake right now.