Proposal in Big Bear

Love deserves grand gestures and passionate proclamations, and sometimes, a run-of-the-mill proposal is not enough. If you want to steer clear of cliché romantic proposals, Big Bear Lake is all you need. Your partner might think that you are just on a lovely Big Bear mountain retreat, so she won’t see through the surprise you’re planning.

The picturesque mountain city of Big Bear is nestled within the San Bernardino National Forest, where you will find a number of romantic restaurants, wonderful resorts, beautiful trails, and a gorgeous, splendid lake—all ideal venues for a romantic proposal your partner will always remember.

Romantic Proposal #1: A Classic Restaurant Dinner
You can never go wrong with the classics. Big Bear has numerous restaurants with diverse and authentic cuisines. Whether you are going to a grand party or an intimate dinner with your partner, there is a restaurant that can help you make the greatest proposal of your life.

Romantic Proposal #2: In the Famous Big Bear Lake
Does boating on the crystal clear lake into the sunset sound like a sweet, romantic moment to you? Well, Big Bear Lake is the perfect place to bare your feelings to the one you love. The Big Bear Marina offers different kinds of boat rentals, so you can choose the best one for the proposal you are planning.

Romantic Proposal #3: In a Ski Lift
Does your partner love snow? If yes, a ski lift proposal will definitely make her spirit soar. Some proposal suggestions include writing “Will you marry me?” in the snow before your planned ride. A little spectacle around your snow proposal—say, a group of skiers holding balloons or lights (when you plan to propose at night)—will make it more impressive.

Romantic Proposal #4: In the Scenic Trails
Big Bear’s trails inspire so many special proposal ideas. You can go horseback riding together and then blam—pop a ring in front of her in the middle of the majestic and enchanting trees. You can go for a leisurely stroll, then wham—bring her to a clearing where you have prepared a romantic picnic, complete with wine and her lovely engagement ring. You can go hiking, then when you have reached the peak, right when the colors of the sunset are vibrant and alive, kneel on one knee and give her the ring.

The best thing about proposing in Big Bear is after you’re engaged, you can get one of those beautiful vacation home rentals in Big Bear and stay for the rest of the week (or even month)—celebrating your newly formed engagement!
Proposal in Big Bear