Big Bear Skiing

Winter Things to Do at Snow Summit and Bear Mountain

Experience the most thrilling outdoor adventures in Big Bear Lake this winter! Indulge yourself in the snow activities that Big Bear Lake’s Snow Summit and Bear Mountain have to offer. As the trendiest skiing hotspots in Southern California, both resorts are the ideal destinations for families on vacation and friends who travel to escape the…

Sky High

Ideal of Vacation Cabin Rentals in Big Bear Lake

Vacation Cabin Rentals in Big Bear Lake are more than just resting havens for families and friends on holiday trips. They can also be amazing venues for any type of event. From reunions to corporate events, cabin rentals can cater to large groups of people and provide extra services and amenities. They typically range from…

Snow Summit in Big Bear


Big Bear California is a little piece of heaven on earth. With breathtaking sunsets and snow-covered mountains, Big Bear is the place just to kick back and relax. From hiking to enjoying a quiet breakfast in bed, Big Bear is a fun and exciting winter destination with some great hotels, resorts and a ton of…

Movie Film in Big Bear

Discover 5 Classic Movies Filmed in Big Bear

Lights, camera, action! Through the years, Big Bear Lake in Southern California has been a prime choice among film location scouts. The picture-perfect formations of the San Bernardino mountains call for the most amazing backgrounds, and several movies are proof of that stunning beauty. Aside from Big Bear’s scenery, the city also has convenient spots…

Proposal in Big Bear

Ideas of Romantic Proposals in Big Bear

Love deserves grand gestures and passionate proclamations, and sometimes, a run-of-the-mill proposal is not enough. If you want to steer clear of cliché romantic proposals, Big Bear Lake is all you need. Your partner might think that you are just on a lovely Big Bear mountain retreat, so she won’t see through the surprise you’re…

Snow in Big Bear

5 Winter Adventure for Non-skier in Big Bear

Big Bear is known for its ski resorts and hiking trails, and they are the best in Southern California! The city has more to offer, though, especially for those who do not have an interest in skiing. If you are in the area for the holiday season, staying at one of the Big Bear vacation…

Big Bear Snow Summit

New Year’s Eve Torchlight Parade at Snow Summit

Experience New Year’s Eve like nowhere else! Big Bear gives you that exhilarating white December that seems so elusive at the other parts of California. Combine this pristine snow paradise with an evening of the spectacular show of torchlights and what you will get is pure magic, a view that is well worth your trip…

Big Bear Lake on Winter

Winter Activities to Enjoy in Big Bear

Big Bear has always been the Southern California premiere destination for skiing and other outdoor activities. Well, there are still more to love during the winter season! Experience the mountain, snow, and lots of supercharged adrenaline as you enjoy the following winter activities while you’re in Big Bear. To make it happen and feel comfortable…

Observatory in Big Bear

Why Big Bear Should Be Your Next Destination

What is your goal when you’re traveling? Are you all about trying the local delicacies? Maybe you’re in it for the discovery, the pleasant realization that you can still find new things as you travel to new places. When talking about travel destinations, people always look for fun things to do and discover. Big Bear…

Christmas in Big Bear Lake

Extra Ordinary White Christmas at Big Bear Lake

Have you decided already where to spend your Christmas holiday that is more fun for your family and friends? Come up and spent your extraordinary white Christmas at Big Bear Lake because Christmas is just around the corner! The city sure is a fantastic place to spend the holidays, with all the fabulous parties popping…